The Head of Networks, The Prerequisite (Transport) for Information Motion


In the abstract, the network is the transport of information.   Intellectually, knowledge, organization and discipline make up the tools for productivity and reward.   Value (Usefulness) is the most subjective of all characteristics of information.   An objective analysis of life's network and its functionality follows.

The Guidelines For Life

  1. Do your best for yourself.
  2. Do your best for all others.
  3. Make the most of the time you have.

Single Words to Engulf Into Your Entire Mind

Full acceptance and implementation of the thinking processes into the mind's operations is assumed.

Engulf the full mind with the meaning of these words to affect all aspects of life.
  1. Best (enbodies Quality)
  2. Participate
  3. Care
The deployment and use of these word concepts is measured and performed subjectively.

So, How Do We Organize The World's Information?

  1. Structure - the result of a pragmatic breakdown and classification of subject matter.
  1. Organization by subject matter doesn't ensure (even if insisted) all information is included.
  2. Organization with impact from subjective values limits completeness.
The structure is complex and would not typically be intuitive or known in it's entirely at any one time.     Knowledge of the structure would, by itself be useful, since structures are the general method of organizing.     This understanding could be described as learning how to learn, or introspection, or reflecting on life; which is validation that the perspective (approach) being taken is correct.

Let Us Outline the Structure (Of Life)

The structure of information is based on life's (human life as we know it) intellectual capabilities and moral values.     An outline is as follows:
  • Become familiar with the universal truths.     (The question is, do we strive to seek for these universal truths?)
  • What is good and what is bad?     This analysis in comparison with universal truths reveals the clarity of universal truths.
  • Complete tasks available in life.     This first requires a list of tasks to be pragmatic.
  • Determine the length of time to execute tasks.     Time is limited.

Attitude (For Life)

The attitude for yourself to carry is accomplished by keeping the following phrase in the front of your head, on the tip of your tongue:
  • It's Easy!

Life Tasks Listing

Here are the tasks of life:
  1. Be cold (temperature) (sense)
  2. Be hot (temperature) (sense)
  3. Be hungry for food (sense)
  4. Be full from food (sense)
  5. Feel safe in your environment-location (sense)
  6. Feel unsafe in your environment-location (sense)
  7. Have sex when desired (sense)
  8. Don't have sex when desired (sense)
  9. Smell good (sense)
  10. Smell bad (sense)
  11. See beauty (sense)
  12. See ugly (sense)
  13. Fall in Love (environment)
  14. Fall out of Love (environment)
  15. Be dropped out of Love (environment)
  16. Have sex with love (environment)
  17. Have sex without love (sense)
  18. Complete a task by yourself (environment)
  19. Complete a task as part of a team (environment)
  20. Don't complete a task by yourself (environment)
  21. Don't complete a task as part of a team (environment)
  22. Learn from teachers (environment)
  23. Learn on your own (environment)
  24. First job experience (environment)
  25. Select your living residence (environment)
  26. Select free time activities (environment)
  27. Select your level of scheduling life (environment)
  28. Select your level of efficiency and rate of change of efficiency (environment)
  29. Play on your own (environment)
  30. Play as part of a team (environment)
  31. Life reproduction
  32. See death
  33. Perform selfish task (sense)
  34. Perform altruistic task (environment)

Universal Truths

No subjectivity must be guaranteed during this discussion.
  1. Nature is beautiful, universally.
  2. Adding mankind order is not a prerequisite for being universally true.
  3. The reactions of the human senses receive information as universal truths, but interpretation of the sensory input can distort the truth.
  4. Purity is beautiful, universally.
  5. Universal truths cross all country's borders.     This is a basic test that universal truths must pass.
What is immediately insightful about the universal truths listed is what is not an universal truth.    For example,
  1. Justice is not universally true.
  2. Helping another is not universally true.
  3. The reactions of the human senses receive information as universal truths, but interpretation of the sensory input can distort the truth.
  4. Purity is beautiful, universally.

Productivity is Subjective Introspection

While accomplishments can be measured and historically looks objective, the value of the accomplishment can only be seen after subjective introspection and reflection of the accomplishment performed.    One value of the accomplishment must be different than any other subjective value of the accomplishment performed.

Human's Contribution in Life to Mankind (Purpose of Life) is typically through Engineering Solutions for Mankind (Other Living Beings)

Lifecycles measure all.     All has a beginning involving creation, life and completion.    Human's contribution is involved throughout the lifecycle, specifically providing engineering solutions during it's time of existence (after creation and before existence end).    All interfacing at all levels to humans, including physical, mental, metaphysical, subconscious and unconscious interfacing, is the context for of humans to engineer solutions.

The Opposite of Networking

The opposite of networking, a static mode, can only be defined as introspection of oneself.     There is no ability of information transmission in oneself and any communication outside oneself (via time and space) is networking.     This is true, even if no reception of information is possible (the answer to the "what if a tree in the forest falls..." brain-teaser).    Introspection is also, by definition, subjective.

Do We Strive to Seek for (Live Only By) Universal Truths?

Here is where the amount of subjectivity one lives by plays a part in the value of living solely for seeking universal truths.    If one can remain largely objective, the rewards (value) of universal truths greatly outweigh localized decisions in life.


The perspective gained here provides a consistent methodology for living.


This Networkhead, Head of Networks overview highlights the Networkhead Information Motion, Purpose of Life, and Life's Analysis writings.